Jose Cueva
Jose Cueva Nov 16, 2023

Imagine you have a fleet of dump trucks making daily runs from a borrow pit to a job site. On a good day, those trucks may be running 75 miles a day. But, over the course of a project, fuel costs start to creep up and productivity starts to dip. And you are tasked with figuring out why.

Tenna’s most powerful feature is that it was built for contractors by contractors—and that rich history of construction know-how led to the development of our latest product: Asset Activities reports. Asset Activities is a new premium license featuring a Travel Summary and a Starts & Stops report, and these two reports are poised to be game changers for fleet and equipment operations. Asset Activities reports are designed to give customers better visibility into their fleet of assets, bringing together data that gives detailed insight into fleet and equipment activities for desired periods.

Travel Summary Report

Let’s get back to those dump trucks. With the Travel Summary report, the fleet manager can pull an aggregated look at all asset activity from trips for a specified period. By searching and filtering, our fleet manager, who has been asked to determine why fuel costs are up and productivity is down, can look for data during that period for the specific asset category of dump trucks.

travel-summary-laptop-editThe Travel Summary will return a variety of data for the chosen period including:

  • Asset details, category, and assigned organization
  • Trips and cycles
  • Miles
  • Hours
  • Trip duration
  • Idle time
  • OEM or external PTO
  • Speed
  • Total and idling fuel consumed
  • Trip fuel economy

Now the fleet manager has all the data necessary to spot and solve problems. For example:

Trucks coming and going from a specific gate idle longer than others. A check on the location reveals that street repairs are happening at that location for the next two weeks, delaying truck movement. The fleet manager can reroute those trucks to a different entrance.

One truck has been excessively idling for an hour every day. The new driver likes to have lunch in his truck and keep it running for the AC and radio. A quick conversation solves the issue.

By understanding the kind of data, behavior, and activities that are pertinent to construction sites, Tenna was able to create the Travel Summary report as an efficient way to spot outliers and troubleshoot issues, as well as validate billing, productivity, and more.

Starts & Stops Report

Now let’s say that while troubleshooting dump trucks, the fleet manager spots one vehicle with excessive idling and other troubling data. Obviously, a deeper dive is warranted. So, the fleet manager clicks into the new Starts & Stops report for that specific asset.

starts-stops_report-laptop-1Now data is revealed for every single trip event for this asset in the chosen period. Available data includes:

  • Who was assigned to the asset at the time of an event
  • Location and site
  • Event details such as cycles, hard acceleration, idling, stops, etc.
  • Trip duration
  • Miles and odometer
  • Hours and cumulative hours

Stops are a configurable data point for powered assets, including heavy equipment, and can have different threshold triggers for different categories of assets. For the dump trucks we’re investigating, the fleet manager knows that it takes no more than 20 minutes to load and unload. So, a stop threshold is configured for dump trucks that records an event if a dump truck is stopped for 30 minutes or more. These stops are now visible in the Starts & Stops report so the fleet manager can see that the dump truck in question frequently has stops that last longer than 30 minutes. Now there is a specific action to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve.

With Asset Activities reports, Tenna once again differentiates itself from generic fleet and equipment management solutions as the solution for construction equipment operations. Between Travel Summary and Starts & Stops, fleet and equipment managers have fast, accurate, and actionable data to solve problems quickly and efficiently and move on with their days. Interested in learning more? Book a demo with our team today to see these powerful reports in action.

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