Adam Moreschi
Adam Moreschi Mar 14, 2018


Our Tenna Sales and Client Success Team attended the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) this past October in Louisville, Kentucky. Being an Internet of Things (IoT) Organization, we know that Construction and Utility Professionals across the United States and Canada need a simple, cost-effective, and long-term solution to track their high-value assets.

Tenna employee at the ICUEE conferenceNevertheless, the question often hits our Team at Tenna HQ: how many other people are thinking about IoT solutions across the industries we serve?

Well, it hit us on Day 3 of the ICUEE Conference, when we got a great visual answer to our question. The Association for Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) provided a very cool method to gauge what technology will impact Construction and Utility Professionals’ work in the future, the “votes” of which would be rewarded with a small cup of M&M’s to each vote cast.

By Day 3, the answer for the Conference attendees was clear: the Internet of Things/Sensors won by a landslide! While Tenna may be a new name to the IoT space in Construction and Utilities, this vote signified strong interest throughout a large sample group of key professionals that IoT has a bright future in these industries.

Tenna IoT Asset Tracking Devices

Throughout the week, Tenna demonstrated our full IoT product portfolio that assists many clients across the United States and Canada today, from Quick Response (QR) Codes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags for their small tools, to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons on their mid-sized assets, and our TennaONE GPS Trackers for Live Data and Battery-Powered Tracking capabilities on fleet, heavy equipment, and critical non-powered assets.

What benefits do our IoT tracking devices bring to construction and utility companies?

For starters, you can easily track just about anything and everything you want (including small tools and equipment), in many cases without human interaction. IoT tracking devices also make it easier to manage your yard, inventory and vehicles by putting you in complete control of your data and your assets. Knowing where everything is all the time, and knowing you can trust the data to be accurate, completely changes the game when it comes to asset management.

Tenna Team at the ICUEE event

Digital asset management lowers operational costs by reducing equipment and employee downtime, streamlining maintenance processes and extending the service life of your equipment and vehicles. It also helps improve customer service and your ability to complete projects on time.

Perhaps most important, having all your tracking data stored in one easy-to-use software system provides much-needed insight into when, where and how you deploy your assets. As a result, you can make better management decisions regarding capital investments, equipment and vehicle utilization, and how to respond to constantly evolving customer needs.

Tenna brought a significant amount of buzz to the asset tracking solutions space this past fall, as many professionals want an “all-in-one” platform on which to track all of their assets, the history of events associated with their equipment, and the personnel context needed to make efficient communication and proactive leadership possible at the shop and in the field. We’re also thrilled at all of the positive feedback received at our booth at ICUEE, as well as the AEM M&M’s group vote!

To help decide whether, or how, you might utilize IoT solutions in your Construction or Utility Business to provide a return on investment to your assets and labor hours, contact our Client Success Team at or 833-50TENNA today!

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