Austin Conti
Austin Conti Sep 19, 2017

One day several months ago, I was visiting an equipment manager at a New England construction company. After we toured his yard he looked me in the eye and said, “We know what we have, we just don’t know where it is.”

I could tell how exasperated he was, and how it was humbling for him to say that.

It’s amazing how much equipment they have, including valuable stuff that moves around from site to site. And that they couldn’t find it all. That’s the inspiration behind Tenna. Stories like this made Tenna want to be the company to help you Find More.

Makes sense, after all, because nobody wants to find less. Or lose more. But that is what’s been going on across the country at job sites, storage yards and in between.

At Tenna, we are dedicated to helping you find more. To us, “Find More” works in three ways: Of course, we help you find more equipment, tools and assets. We also help you find more insight about your equipment and find more value from your inventory. Finally, it must be easy to find more.

Simply put, Tenna is about finding your stuff. And finding more tools, equipment and inventory takes technology. Since some technology is better for tracking large trucks, while other technology is suitable for smaller equipment, Tenna developed a comprehensive range of asset tracking technologies. These include heavy duty GPS asset trackers and transmitters, all the way down to small durable QR code optical scanning tags. The newest trackers even transmit on their own, so you can find more automatically. (More on technology in future blogs.) Because of this full span, Tenna can help you find more – or all - of your assets, and track all of them.

Yet customers need to be smarter about their equipment, to get work done and make money from that equipment. Beyond finding equipment location, they also need to find out more about that equipment. Such as who’s using it, for what project, and when will it be available? What condition is it? What are its service loads and operational limits? Can I use it on the next job, or does it need maintenance? This is where the Tenna software finds more. Tenna’s app answers all these question and more, with satellite images of asset locations, photographs of condition, service history and service requirements. We’ll talk more about real-time analytics in an upcoming blog. Finding more means finding the hidden insights and potential about every asset, so that customers can do more by finding more.

And of course, it has to be easy to find more. Nobody wants another complex system to figure out. And in Tenna’s situation, it had to work for a truck driver with a smartphone in the field, or a project manager in the office. Fortunately, we began with experience on construction sites, so we know the situation. Whenever a worker scans a Tenna asset tag, or when an asset tracker transmits a data update, Tenna makes an automatic inventory update. Data that’s instantly available for your crew. That’s what I mean by easy - if it’s not easy to use, you’re not going to find more.

Finding More is What We’re All About

Everything we do is to help you find more of your assets, to help you find more insights and find more value from them, and to find more easily.

Finding more never stops, so in this blog we’ll keep touching on new opportunities to find more. I hope this helps explain what Find More means to us, and what you should expect from Tenna.

About Austin Conti

As CEO and Co-Founder of Tenna, Austin leverages his international experience in construction operations for civil, building, and energy projects with The Conti Group, which has built successful, reputable businesses that make a positive impact on the world in construction, engineering, renewable energy, real estate, technology, and biotech. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to create a construction technology platform built on over a century’s experience from The Conti Group.