Kristen Olson
Kristen Olson Sep 19, 2017

If your company deploys assets in the field – such as machinery, equipment or vehicles – fleet management tracking or asset tracking is essential for managing costs and operating at optimum efficiency.

But if you’re still using manual processes to conduct your machinery tracking, it can be slow, time-consuming and often inaccurate. Monitoring your equipment with modern asset tracking software from Tenna can save time and money while enabling you to provide better service to your customers.

Asset tracking involves monitoring the location and movement of machinery and other physical assets by placing barcode scanning labels, QR tracking codes, Bluetooth trackers, GPS or RFID (radio frequency identification) tags on them. The information on the tags is scanned or electronically broadcasted to a software database to capture and organize the data. This type of asset tracking or fleet management offers many important benefits, including the ability to:

  • Easily keep up-to-date information on the precise location of all tagged assets
  • Make informed decisions about the deployment of assets in the field
  • Organize your warehouse more efficiently
  • Manage your physical capital more effectively
  • Reduce equipment downtime through better planning
  • Maximize employee and equipment efficiency
  • Eliminate wasted time hunting for assets
  • Help meet government or industry compliance requirements

The Complete Machinery Tracking Solution

As the experts in machinery tracking and fleet management, we combine rugged and smart hardware such as QR (Quick Response), RFID tags, Bluetooth and GPS trackers with a cloud-based system to make it simple and affordable to see all your assets. By seamlessly connecting your office with personnel and equipment in the field, we help you drive more value from your assets.

With our asset tracking solution:

  • Manually tracking errors are a thing of the past. Our durable QR tag, RFID tag, and Bluetooth, cellular or LoRa technology eliminates them by providing real-time visibility and control over all equipment, attachments and materials.
  • You can instantly access the history, location, availability, maintenance (and more) of all your tagged assets.
  • Inventory can be determined in real-time, with our scan and search capabilities. It’s always accurate. And knowing the location of all field assets 24/7 helps to deter theft or misuse.
  • Your field team can easily update your office in real-time with inventory, routes, photos, documentation, maintenance notes and other information needed to optimize asset utilization.

With Tenna, you get a complete asset tracking solution that lets you utilize your equipment and machinery to its fullest potential.

Take Control of Your Equipment

When it comes to asset tracking or fleet management, better data leads to better decisions regarding effective utilization of your assets in the field. Our software solution offers a variety of features and functionalities that put you in control of the data – and your equipment. These include:

  • Centralized database. Our extensive database lets you store detailed information about every asset in your inventory in one centralized location. You can access the database from anywhere you can connect to the Internet, using any type of PC, laptop or mobile device. Get all the information you need, when you need it.
  • Snap and Search. This handy feature provides a complete picture of all your field assets in our database. Simply use your smartphone or mobile tablet to take pictures of your equipment and material assets, then upload them to the Tenna database. Tracking the location and person responsible every time you add new information to the database is a snap.
  • Single-Search Asset Tracking. Whether moving small tools, large equipment or anything in between, tracking the movement of your assets is quick and easy. Simply scan Tenna’s customized QR tag or RFID tag, or capture data from our Bluetooth, cellular or LoRa The asset’s new location, along with other key data, is instantly uploaded to the cloud for future reference.
  • Cloud-Based Tracking. When assets and managers are distributed across many different sites, it can lead to miscommunication and operational inefficiencies that cost time and money. Our cloud-based tracking helps to end “asset disconnect” by providing full visibility of your equipment and materials 24/7. When you know the location and availability of your assets at all times, they can work harder for you.

Simplify Routing and Maintenance Record Keeping

With manual fleet management, routing assets and maintaining accurate maintenance records are two of the most time-consuming and inefficient tasks. Tenna fleet management software can reduce the time it takes to perform these important tasks with our automated routing. Instead of spending hours trying to determine the most efficient routes for service and delivery, our software does it for you in mere seconds. Our customers have told us it takes from two weeks to two months to complete a manual inventory, by which time the inventory is obsolete. With Tenna, your equipment is automatically inventoried every time you scan a tag or transmit tracker data. We also estimate that the typical company spends at least one hour of labor time every day looking for a tool or piece of equipment. Assuming an average labor cost of $40/hour, this can add up to more than $10,000 in unnecessary costs per year.

Our digital maintenance tracking reduces equipment and personnel downtime by connecting your field, shop and office to keep everyone up to date on maintenance schedules and the status of assets undergoing repairs. Knowing which equipment is ready for use and which isn’t lets you make better decisions regarding scheduling of assets and field personnel.

It is estimated that preventive maintenance costs one-fifth the cost of repairing after a breakdown. By scheduling preventive maintenance and having e-notifications and reminders of service needs, you can cut repair expenses by as much as 80%.

With Tenna’s automatic inventory and maintenance scheduling features, you can lower labor and fuel costs, reduce downtime for people and assets, and provide a higher level of service to your customers.

Optimize Underutilized Assets

If you have excess or underutilized assets sitting around gathering dust, the Tenna Marketplace can put them to work for you. As part of our asset management platform, this free open marketplace makes it easy to sell or rent inventory you don’t utilize. You can also buy or rent inventory from other Tenna members to quickly obtain machinery and equipment where and when you need it.

As a Tenna client you can:

  • Use Marketplace at no cost
  • List assets to rent or sell
  • Buy or rent assets from other Marketplace members
  • Cost-effectively market your underutilized assets

We encourage you to visit the Marketplace and browse the extensive listing of machinery and equipment.

The Tenna Advantage

Whether you’re building highways, transporting goods and materials, or generating energy, we help you do it faster and for less by providing a complete and accurate picture of your equipment and materials.

Unlike other machinery tracking systems, Tenna lets you monitor and manage all your assets, including small tools and non-powered equipment. Our optical scanning and IoT (Internet of Things) system accurately tracks your assets and their precise location while preventing human error. You get better project management and more accurate financial records. The frustration from wasting time when hunting down missing assets disappears. And your employees can work more efficiently by having the equipment they need at the right time.

If you still rely on paper records, unwieldy spreadsheets, whiteboards and other manual tools to conduct your machinery tracking and fleet management, it’s time to step up to 21st-century asset management. We make it simple – and affordable – to see all your assets, so you can manage their utilization in a fraction of the time it used to take.

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