Adam Moreschi
Adam Moreschi Apr 03, 2018


Tenna's current Dashboard provides a view to your Assets and the Sites to which they are assigned, or "allocated," at a glance.

In our upcoming release, we are diving further into your Live Data, a huge improvement to see not only where your Assets are allocated, but where they were last found, and with GPS cellular products, where they are now.


Get a quick snapshot of the latest updates from your Asset out in the field by clicking on "Details" on the Live Data map, where you will see all recent applicable Notifications for your Asset, from Location and Geofence, to Speed and more. See all applicable Alerts and Alarms set on each Category and Asset, with custom Notes, Service Requests, and Contact selection at your fingertips. Choose as many or as few alerts as you would like, based on the Tracking Methods you have out in the field, and what can be read autonomously from your Assets.

See where your assets are now with GPS Cellular.

Easily locate your assets' current location, and watch your assets move and update in real time.

Using QR, RFID, or BLE?  See last known location.

Even without having Tenna's GPS Cellular products, you can quickly dive into the last known location update from QR, RFID, and Bluetooth-tagged assets.

Learn equipment updates in the office or on the go.

See your specific alerts marked as High, Medium, or Low-Level priorities, and get alerted by email or text message for those that you wish, or assign them to your colleagues for action and resolution.

Gain context with Notifications and Geofences.

Tired of wondering when your assets entered and left your project sites? Whether you are using QR, RFID, Bluetooth, or GPS Cellular Trackers, get the updates from your Trackers or your Team's scanning by using Geofences.

Quickly switch back to Site Data for Dashboard View.

Don't worry. Our classic Dashboard View, or "Site Data" as it will be termed in this Tenna 3.3 Update, will still be available for your access anytime, anywhere.

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