Tom Caliendo
Tom Caliendo Aug 17, 2022

When Tenna launched Resource Management several months ago, it was a turning point for requestors such as site supervisors and project managers as well as dispatchers and drivers. In a system built by and for construction professionals, everyone from the field to the back office now has an automated way to request the assets, accessories, and labor they need for jobs, sort and approve those requests, and make sure everything arrives on time. Now Tenna expands on construction resource management with a new labor and equipment Schedule product—a comprehensive way to manage asset and labor activity in one place.

Tenna’s goal is to help construction companies know more, control more, and make more, and one way we achieve that is by eliminating back-office chaos. While Resource Management is a huge step forward in streamlining construction planning and scheduling, there is still more to know. With Tenna’s new Schedule product, it’s now easy to see all labor and equipment in one view—a unique calendar/Gantt chart hybrid with customizable filters that makes it easy to see where labor and assets currently are, where they are requested to be next, and more.

Let’s take a quick dive into Schedule to see how it can make a difference in your day-to-day operations.

Enhancing Construction Resource Management

As a reminder, Tenna’s Resource Management allows field personnel to reserve assets—along with parts, attachments, and even labor and crews—for current and upcoming projects. Back in the office, dispatchers and project and operations managers can review requests, organize dispatch events, and manage labor resources.

Along with Resource Management, Schedule is a new layer of organization to get a perfect and customizable bird’s eye view of everything in one place. Beyond merely approving or managing requests and staying on top of dispatch, Schedule gives valuable insight to everyone from dispatchers and equipment managers to finance and operations executives to see existing equipment schedule activity and assist in forecasting for future project needs efficiently.

Features and Benefits of Equipment Schedule

Schedule is the one stop shop for viewing everything affecting the efficient movement of equipment and labor: current locations, scheduled and pending requests, dispatch status, and maintenance needs. Rather than toggling between multiple screens or systems to review, any actions that need to be taken with an asset or labor resource can be managed within Schedule.

Tenna's Schedule Product linked with Resource Management

Schedule’s calendar view can be as detailed as daily, stretched to a two-week look ahead, or even viewed monthly or quarterly. This is not a run-of-the-mill calendar, however. Incorporating a Gantt chart view, Schedule makes it easy to see all current and upcoming events for assets and labor and make necessary adjustments:

  • Spot overlapping or conflicting requests for key equipment.
  • Resolve conflicts with pending requests.
  • Begin dispatch activities.
  • Approve scheduled maintenance.
  • Leverage data to help accurately forecast several months in advance to avoid surprise equipment shortages.

As with most Tenna products, Schedule is designed to work the way users prefer. A variety of customizable settings allow for managers to choose the information they need displayed as their personal default. Filters add additional flexibility to make Schedule easy and accessible for day-to-day operations.

The benefits of Schedule are clear. Schedule helps construction planning and scheduling while simplifying equipment management for better overall control.

  • Funnel requests from the field—already streamlined with Resource Management—into a single view to see conflicts, maintenance overlaps, and more.
  • Ensure maintenance is complete for all required assets before jobs begin.
  • Leverage equipment schedule visibility to assist in forecasting months in advance to pre-plan maintenance work and possible rental needs.
  • Overcome supply chain issues with data that contributes to forecasting of equipment needs months in advance, leaving ample time for planning and acquisitions.
  • Quickly locate alternative assets and analyze utilization rates for equipment.
  • Save money by denying habitual requests for equipment that is rarely used.
  • Avoid costly job delays by having all required assets and labor on site when needed.
  • With everything in one easy and comprehensive view, Schedule eliminates the dreaded “oops” when requests are approved or denied without all the facts.

Who Can Use Schedule?


Users who purchase both Resource Management and Schedule are likely to find Schedule to be the Tenna view where they spend the most time, as it seamlessly combines the essential functions of managing equipment and dispatching. But beyond just the equipment manager and dispatcher, Schedule functionality can be leveraged by other key personnel in a construction business, including:

  • Mechanics and drivers who will find the mobile view invaluable for seeing their schedule and planning their days around where they need to be and when.
  • Financial and operations personnel such as project accountants, project managers and the VP of Ops to help forecast needs for jobs months in the future and be better able to make purchasing and rental decisions for their jobsites.
  • Superintendents to manage the laborers and crews on the jobsites.
  • Field operators to find their requests approved with fewer delays and confusion, making their teams even more productive and efficient.

Ready to Learn How to Streamline your Construction Planning and Scheduling?

With ongoing construction supply chain delays still affecting the industry, Schedule’s release comes at just the right time. stronger understanding of current equipment schedule needs and more accurate visibility to assist in future forecasting allows construction companies to plan appropriately for upcoming jobs with existing resources. Book a demo now to learn more about how Resource Management and Schedule can streamline your equipment moves and project operations.

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Tom is the Lead UI/UX Designer at Tenna. He has spent over 15 years marrying form and function in product design, solving problems creatively for customers and improving application creation. In an industry that is notoriously slow to adopt technology, Tom helps Tenna strengthen their position as the leading software solution for the construction industry to effectively manage equipment and labor through intuitive user interface and positive experience with Tenna’s easy-to-use platform and mobile app. Tom enjoys tackling product design challenges from concept through implementation.