Jolene Pierangeli
Jolene Pierangeli Jan 28, 2020

You probably have already heard or read about the “cautions” of implementing a new technology, but I am not here to be a naysayer. I am here to help you get prepared for what may or may not happen.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin

There is a myriad of challenges (and strategies) for successful technology adoption in different industries. Some industries have embraced technology, so their pain is too many tools, while others are slow adopters of technology and believe they don’t need it. It is safe to say that there is a middle ground where a company can be both tech savvy and not overwhelming their people with new tools to learn that may or may not work.

Changing Human Behavior


Challenge #1 - Changing Human Behavior

People are the backbone of all businesses. They keep the wheels spinning and everything moving along BUT they may not be open to the idea of something new or resistant to the idea of change.


Technology Options


Challenge #2 - Technology Options

How do you decide which technology to choose? There are so many out there, but how do you know which one is right for your business? If you are going based off name recognition, it may have the right branding but may not be the right fit. Navigating all the options can be overwhelming.




Challenge #3 - Lack of Management Support

You have found the right technology! It is the right fit. It will save the company tons of money and time. It will make all the employees rejoice BUT you don’t have buy-in from the top down. Lack of support from management can tank a new technology. Why? You run the risk of people feeling like they don’t need to get on board the new technology train. When there isn’t clear support from management, technology adoption is likely to fail.


Construction Technology Integrations


Challenge #4 - Integrations

Depending on your company’s needs, integrations may be a requirement. Whether that means it talks to your accounting system or to something else. You need to make sure you understand these requirements in order to find the technology that fits your needs while working well with your existing systems and workflows if necessary.


Training in the Field


Challenge #5 - Training

You can’t expect everyone to just “know” how to use the new technology. So, who will do the training? Does the vendor offer training? How will this work for your staff? When can you find time in your team’s already busy schedules and workloads to accommodate this training? So many questions, but all crucial to successful adoption.


Change Management


Challenge #6 - Change Management

Get it implemented and get’r done. That is typically the approach when something new is introduced. Go, go, go, but understanding that change requires management to foster adoption is essential and ultimately ties back to your people.


Project Management in the Field


Challenge #7 - Project Management

How is this getting rolled out? Who is managing it? Are there timelines? Deadlines? These are most often overlooked. If you don’t have someone championing the project, it is at high risk to fail. No one wants something that is designed to save time or money to fail.

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed now. You just read through all the challenges, but remember preparing is key. So, start with some strategies that will counter these challenges to ensure you are on the road to success.

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