Kristen Olson
Kristen Olson Mar 09, 2020

There are a few phases and subphases of the buying journey that begin once you know where you want to go – or once you know what you are looking for. But before you start down this path to identify the best construction technology software for your business, be sure that you have determined the requirements for your organization, so you are able to make the right buying decision. Take a closer look and read about these phases of the buying journey.

Whether you first learned about a potential construction equipment tracking solution from an ad, an industry tradeshow, another contractor’s recommendation, or just by searching the internet, most likely you will visit the company’s website.

A company’s website should clearly provide you with a lot of the preliminary information you need upfront and without guesswork to determine whether they are a potential solution for you and if it’s worth spending your time to learn more. If it’s not plain as day that this company services your industry or supports your asset type(s), then move on. You’ll find plenty of providers to research, so help yourself out by eliminating the non-fits upfront.

During the discovery and analysis phases you will want to create and use a requirements summary to gather the information you need in order to make a well-informed buying decision.

You may be the sole decision maker, or you may have a very well-defined procurement process and well-staffed team. Or something in between. Regardless, all the information you gather during the discovery phases and summarized in your comparison spreadsheet should be complete and organized for analysis  by you and your decision makers during the decision phase. You will need to identify your must-haves and decide what you are willing to give up as no system is going to check every box and it’s rare that every single score will be of the highest ranking.

When it comes to making your decision to buy, just do it. Or don’t. As humans, we like to check things off the action list but don’t rush if you are not prepared to implement!

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