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Zack Carow

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5 Tips to Keep Your Drivers Safe

 At the job site or on the road, safety should be priority #1. Keep your drivers out of harm’s way by practicing these 5 tips.

How Telematics Can Improve Your Operations

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money. You can save both by incorporating Tenna telematics into your fleet management processes.

Physical Asset Portfolio Management

It’s October and I’m looking at quarterly investment statements for my IRAs and retirement accounts. The advisors say to diversify my investments, so probably like other people's investments, there’s a mix of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc...

How to Track Heavy Machinery

If you build office buildings, drill for oil or gas, repair highways, or engage in any other kind of large construction or maintenance projects, you know the importance of efficiently tracking and managing your heavy machinery.