Holly Zawaski
Holly Zawaski Jan 11, 2024

Holly's Background

Growing up, one of the best parts of my weekend was being able spend time with my parents while helping out at our family-owned construction business. To my sister and me it didn’t feel like work, it was family time. That’s why after seeing dirty steel-toed boots at my front door for as long as I can remember, it is no surprise that I found myself a home here at Tenna in 2022.

Holly's Time at Tenna

As the Manager of Onboarding Operations, I have the opportunity of meeting our new customers as they begin their partnership with us and pairing a likeminded team to support them. I oversee our team of Customer Onboarding Managers that understand the need for change management that our customers are looking to adopt when choosing to implement our platform. The Customer Success team that I work with daily is blend of individuals from the construction industry as well as software professionals and we operate in a way that complements our customers line of business. Before my time at Tenna, I was in the underground trench safety realm for several years configuring solutions for all types of excavations and confined spaces.

What I find most rewarding during my career in the industry is the culture that working in construction consists of. Regardless of what vertical and line of work you find yourself in, you are always in good company with hard working, motivated, and well-rounded people that want to get the job done. That culture and mindset is the reason I wanted to join the team at Tenna after connecting with a past colleague that has found her own success at Tenna. Understanding the day-to-day obstacles of lost and down equipment, jobsite hoarding, theft issues is what a lot of my team and others at Tenna have experienced in our past careers which a large impact on the way we handle our operations. In my opinion, that is what make Tenna stand apart from the rest. I genuinely enjoy building our partnerships and evolving within the construction tech industry, I am eager to see all to come!

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About Holly Zawaski

Being born into a family that owns construction businesses, Holly Zawaski knows the industry. Prior to joining the team, Holly worked in the Trench Safety Underground Division at her previous organization where she oversaw project pipeline bids, plan reading and equipment sourcing, certified trench safety training, fulfilled field sales orders, and operations training. She brought her skills and knowledge over to Tenna as the Manager, Onboarding Operations in 2022 to help customers successfully implement Tenna and optimize efficiencies to grow their business.