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How Technologies Can Help Overcome the Effects of Labor Shortages in Construction

According to a Q3 2021 U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, the construction industry faces a worsening labor shortage. An estimated 55% of contractors are experiencing difficulty finding skilled workers. The industry is almost unanimous on forecasting; 93% of contractors believe labor shortage in...

How Construction Data Analytics for Fleet Management Increase Profits

For contractors, it’s time to embrace modern construction technology to improve fleet management. Truthfully, it’s been time to do so. What on earth does that even mean?

Get the what, the why and the ways contractors can leverage software integrations for construction into their daily equipment management workflows.

Do you struggle with too many systems that don’t talk to each other?

Asset Tracking Systems for Construction - Tenna

In this post we discuss the tracking of physical assets (vs. digital or other types of assets) and are focused specifically on asset tracking for construction.