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Construction Fleet Maintenance Software Protects Your Heavy Equipment Assets

Other than labor costs, your construction equipment is your company’s biggest investment, with some pieces of heavy machinery costing as much as or even over $500,000.

Some Surprising Benefits of GPS Tracking for Construction

GPS tracking for construction equipment is an extremely useful technology for any construction business. GPS tracking gives you a comprehensive view of your fleet assets. The real value of GPS tracking, however, comes in the insights you get from that comprehensive view. GPS is more than a fun...

What are asset tracking devices?

In today’s world, knowing where something or someone is has become the new norm. From phones that track your location to GPS tracking devices that help track the elderly, tracking technology has moved beyond tracking for just a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment.

Where Should the Tracker be Installed?

There are a variety of different tracker types that are used to track an equipment fleet and when it comes to installation, the tracker’s placement can help with the performance and longevity of the tracker.